Innovation in yarn, fabric and garment construction is crucial in meeting the demands of today’s workforces. Hazardous working environments, changing climate, kinetic demands, mess, odour and temperature variation each place huge stress on our clothes. This stress impacts not only the corporate purse, but workplace pride and employee contentment.

At Curzonia, we endeavour to address every demand faced by your organisation and offer only the very best technology and innovative products to suit. We look for new solutions from our suppliers and we innovate ourselves with products like Pilmaster® to give your corporate knitwear a longer, more productive life.


Better looking garments

Longer lasting smooth appearance

Superior value product


Irritating pilling

Shoddy, cheap appearance

Reduced garment life

Designed to meet the most demanding environments, Pilmaster® outperforms other yarns keeping your workforce looking good for longer.


We know that pilling is one of the most frustrating factors in shortening the appearance and working life of knitted fabric. That’s why we developed our own unique product – Pillmaster® to help your corporate workwear look better for longer.

Pillmaster® keeps garments feeling soft, making them pleasurable to wear and does not impact on the standard care requirements of all our products. Pillmaster® out-performs other yarns by keeping pilling to an absolute minimum in harsh, hard-wearing environments – keeping the fabric in pristine condition for longer so giving you more value for your corporate workwear budget.